Below we have created helpful and instructional videos to help you have a trouble free experience when you use Helium2go.

Videos such as: how to inflate balloons correctly with helium  : Which regulators to use to inflate the correct balloons.
Inflating larger balloons, tips and tricks  : Correctly inflating foil balloons including foil numbers and letters.
How long to inflate balloons, when best to inflate them and am I best to D.I.Y or should I get the balloons delivered already inflated.

These Videos are designed to help you make the best decisions and assure you have a pleasant experience every time.

The video to the left is a basic video showing you how to use the helium cylinder to inflate latex balloons.

Video has sound

Video lasts approx 3 minutes and 20 seconds and is a useful reference if you have never inflated balloons with helium.

  • DO NOT inflate balloons the day before.
  • DO NOT EVER breathe helium
  • DO NOT EVER release helium balloons
  • Any questions, you can call us on
    0422 465 440


Using the Deluxe Regulator to helium fill foil balloons and latex balloons.

Follow these easy to follow instructions in how to use the Deluxe Regulator when you hire a helium tank with helium2go.

Makes filling foil balloons and latex balloons of all sizes much easier.

Call 0422 465 440 if any questions.