40 multicoloured Happy Birthday helium balloons


40 multicoloured happy birthday helium balloons with ultra hi float. with 1.25 metres of curling ribbon attached to each balloon.

These helium balloons are long lasting, they float for up to 4 days indoors as they are treated with Ultra Hi Float.

These balloons look their best on the 1st day – will be slightly smaller and duller on day 2 and will deteriorate from there.

Choose from either the standard colour range of balloons – the deluxe colour range or the premium colour range of balloons.

These are loose helium balloons – you can add weights during the checkout process – they are bunched as one bunch ready for you to decorate with.

Have them delivered or collect them from our premises.

You will need an SUV or van or similar to fit these in your car if you collect them.

Order online.