Purchase your Own Helium Cylinder – never pay rental again !

Sick of paying Cylinder Rental ?  Want to own your own Helium Cylinder ?

Now you can own your own helium gas cylinder. When the cylinder is empty, we swap it for a full one at special V.I.P Pricing.

To see pricing on purchasing your own cylinder click here to be taken to our V.I.P website.

Read on for more detailed information:

Here is how it works: You are a florist – a car yard – a small decorator or wedding or function co-ordinator or you are a venue or Restaurant that does balloons on a regular basis or from time to time. You have a helium cylinder that you have rented from a gas company and every month you get charged rental, it’s dead money and you never own the cylinder. We AIM to change all of that.

With our V.I.P. Cylinder Ownership program you purchase  the helium cylinder and you keep it forever and never pay rental. Once the cylinder is empty, you go online to www.vip.helium2go.com.au  you login with your very own V.I.P. login information and you order an exchange cylinder which we deliver to you. You also have access to V.I.P. prices on balloons – accessories – balloon decor – helium balloons and so much more. You become a V.I.P. member and receive V.I.P. service and pricing.

Our Cylinders are brand new Aluminum lightweight Cylinders, they are refillable not cheap disposable Cylinders but you do not refill them, you order an exchange cylinder, we bring you a replacement, take away your empty, refill that and so on and so on. It is an environmentally friendly hassle free way of assuring you have helium gas but never pay cylinder rental again.

If you have any questions call us or email us.

To download our detailed brochure on this new innovative Cylinder Ownership Program click here.

To see pricing on purchasing your own cylinder click here to be taken to our V.I.P website.

This offer is open to any business or individual in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. You must Exchange empty cylinders with full Cylinders with helium2go, you cannot have any Cylinder you purchase refilled or exchanged with any other gas company. Regulators are sold separately at special V.I.P. pricing, we repair and replaced damaged Cylinders and Regulators if required.